What is a Thought Coach?

Premium Thought Coach Certification Training with Ora Nadrich

  • Led By Ora Nadrich / President of The IFTT
  • 1-on-1 Weekly Zoom Sessions with Ora
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Thought Coach Certification Training for Post Traumatic Growth

  • Led By PTG Expert, Jason Holzer
  • 1-on-1 Weekly Zoom Sessions with Jason
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Thought Coach Certification Training: Reimagining Love

  • Led By Karen Phelps Moyer
  • 1-on-1 Weekly Zoom Sessions with Karen
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Thought Coach Certification Training for Aligning Mind & Body Energies

  • Led By Certified Reiki Master, Nancy Mintzer
  • 1-on-1 Weekly Zoom Sessions with Nancy
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Thought Coach Certification Training Program For Overcoming Insecurity, Doubt, & Fear in the Workplace

  • Led By Monica Binger
  • 1-on-1 Weekly Zoom Sessions with Monica
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Thought Coach Certification Training Program For The Addictive Personality

  • Led By Addiction Expert, Johnny Calloway
  • 1-on-1 Weekly Zoom Sessions with Johnnie
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Thought Coach Certification Program with Ora Nadrich

  • 4 Modules / 20 Lessons
  • Learn at Your Own Pace 
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Each of Our Courses is CPD Accredited


I feel that this is such an added plus for anyone who wishes to advance their career by continuing their professional development. The Thought Coach Certification Training Program offers a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills that will keep you up to date with the coaching industry.

About CPD Accreditation

What does CPD Accreditation mean?
A CPD accreditation means that the training has gone through a rigorous third-party verification and so is a mark of quality for the consumer. The accreditation also means that the training provider/ coach/ speaker can issue formal CPD points to their delegates to log in a CPD record.

Is CPD international?
Yes, the CPDSO has members in over 50 countries.

The CPD Standards Office is a unique organization and was founded with the vision of understanding and enabling positive and successful CPD and learning experiences. As a highly specialized expert team, our university led research has equipped us with extensive expertise on all things CPD.

Between the work of the Professional Development Consortium and the CPD Standards Office dual CPD research and accreditation activities sharpen our knowledge and expertise. This enables us to work with individual coaches, training providers, employers, and membership organization’s as a collaborative CPD network & community.

Who is Ora Nadrich?

Ora Nadrich is founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity, named in the 100 Best Mindfulness Books of All Time by BookAuthority. She is a certified life coach and Mindfulness teacher, specializing in transformational thinking, self-discovery and mentoring new coaches as they develop their careers.

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Inspiration for the Course

The Thought Coach™ Certification Training Program was inspired by my years of success as a life coach. In my coaching practice, I discovered that no matter what area of life people find themselves struggling in - health, finances, career, relationships, you name it - it is the thoughts we harbor around these things that are the most powerful in determining success or failure. I've developed a series of unique, fool-proof tools for transformational thinking and designed a training program so coaches, therapists, healers, and all seekers and students of transformation can benefit from the techniques that I have seen touch the lives of so many people already.

It's a dream come true for me to now share it with the world, so you too can learn the transformational power of a mastered mind!

Founder and President of the Institute 
For Transformational Thinking


  • The Meaning of Presence
  • Establishing True Thought Awareness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Daily Discipline for Mental Wellness
  • Ethics for Thought Coaches


  • Identifying the Different Kinds of Thoughts
  • How Our Thoughts Influence Our Lives
  • Transforming Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts
  • Automatic Thoughts
  • Tools for the Thought Coach


  • Owning Your Thoughts
  • Thoughts vs. Feelings
  • Guided Meditation Scripts
  • Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion & Love
  • The Keys to Transformation

Module Four: The Thought Alignment System™

  • Putting Healthy Thoughts Into Action
  • Coaching Session Outlines
  • Effective Affirmations to Support New Habits
  • Building New Neural Pathways
  • Becoming a Thought Coach


+ Client Coaching Worksheets
+ Coaching Session Outlines
+ Guided Meditation Scripts
+ Client Intake Forms
+ Client Agreement Templates


  • The Says Who? Method™ for Identifying the Origin of, and Determining the Type of Thoughts

  • The Release & Replace Technique for Letting Go of Negative Fear-Based Thoughts, and Replacing them with Supportive, Life-Affirming Thoughts

  • The Thought Alignment System for Activating New Behaviors & Affirming Positive Thoughts


It was such a pleasure learning from IFTT, Ora and her team. She is wise, compassionate, and full of knowledge. This was a great starting point for my coaching practices and provided me with many mindful tools. Thank you IFTT!
JENAY ROSE / Marina del Rey, CA
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2000, I consider the Thought Coach Certification from the IFTT to be the best tool I have gained to teach my clients how to re-conceptualize negative thought patterns and belief systems. This system empowers people to transform their lives specifically, consistently, and with ease.
LISA TAHIR, LCSW / California and Louisiana
I always think of the Thought Alignment System as the walls that are built around a beautiful house to keep it safe. The beautiful home would be the wonderful, positive, and affirmative thoughts that we replaced our negative thoughts with. And the walls are made of positive actions and affirmations that are in alignment with those positive thoughts we want to reinforce to keep this "home" safe.
- YASMEEN / Sherman Oaks, CA
I have made huge shifts in consciousness this last week for sure. I have studied many modalities the past 8-9 months. Everything we have been learning with you has solidified and also shown another perspective, which has truly put me in a different zone. I am so grateful and excited to continue learning and get my neural pathways deep!
- KAT / San Clemente, CA
Absolutely life changing. So honored to be an alumni of this course and be using it in my everyday and professional work. Thank you Ora. You are a true blessing.

- REBECCA / Derry, NH
I loved this course so much and am so grateful I was able to complete it! I am thrilled to begin to implement these teachings into my coaching and help others in this way
- HANNAH / Long Beach, CA
The course is beautiful, with each week building on skills and knowledge from the following week. I loved every aspect, and particularly valued the forward thinking alignment system with great worksheets. I am adding all of this mental clean up, monitoring and replacing thoughts, goals, affirmations and forwarding thinking to my daily spiritual practice. It feels like the only way to live. I was able to replace stuck thoughts, automatic thoughts, and even subconscious thoughts during the course. I am very grateful for your guidance and love. I got all my questions answered and learned so much. This mental clean up practice, along with valuing and putting oneself first is a powerful combination, and establishes a health mental boundary that is required for self love and self care to thrive!

- KAT / San Clemente, CA
I loved this course so much and am so grateful I was able to complete it! I am thrilled to begin to implement these teachings into my coaching and help others in this way!
- HANNAH / La Jolla, CA
This is incredibly powerful. I am having a huge shift! I want to be a thought coach! I felt the worry fly away! It felt like a real physical and mental release. It was incredible. I feel free. So grateful! I am practicing now.
JANETTE / Redmond, WA



A Thought Coach is someone who has done a thorough investigation and inquiry of their own thinking mind. They understand their thought process, and the thoughts that occupy their mind daily. They've done a deep-dive into their thinking, and know which thoughts are positive, productive, constructive, and serve their well being, and which thoughts don’t. They can discern between their positive (useful) thoughts, and negative (unproductive) thoughts, and know that in order to live a life that is healthy and effective, and enables them to reach the goals that they want, they must be fully aware of which thoughts to keep, and which thoughts to let go of. This understanding of the thinking mind, and how it works in the most healthy and efficient way, prepares a Thought Coach to help others.


The person who is best suited to be a Thought Coach, is, first and foremost, someone who values their thoughts, and knows what an important role they play in manifesting a healthy, wholesome life. They are someone who understands that everything in our life is determined by our thoughts, and that ultimately; our thoughts create our reality. Someone who is committed to creating the healthiest life for themselves by working consciously with their thoughts, is better suited for helping others create a healthy life for themselves. They know their thinking mind thoroughly because they work diligently with their thoughts daily, and are able to discern between the ones that are positive, and serve their wellbeing, and the ones that are negative, and do not.  Because of their commitment to Transformational Thinking, they want to help others overcome their negative, fear-based, and limited thinking to achieve the positive changes they've realized about their thinking mind, and achieve manifesting the life they want and deserve.


A Life Coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients to move forward in their life, and can make you feel like they’re boosting you up, and cheering you on, which can feel good, but without tools, methods, or skill-sets in place, motivation can be hard to sustain.  

A Thought Coach is someone who can help you specifically deal with your negative, fear based, and limited thoughts to identify them, acknowledge the blocks and hindrances they cause for not achieving your goals, and shows you how to  transform negative thoughts by developing and maintaining healthy thinking habits needed to move forward in all of the areas of your life. A Thought Coach not only “counsels” and “encourages” their clients to be successful in their life, but they help them in the number one area that gets in the way of  achieving your goals by mastering your mind by keeping your thoughts positive and productive.  

A Thought Coach teaches you how to manage your thoughts  daily, so that there is a constant effort  to move your life forward with success, and manifest the life that you want and deserve.


We think up to seventy thousand thoughts a day, and many of those thoughts are negative, and do not serve our well being, but we accept them readily because we don't really know how to counter them, or change them. This makes us vulnerable to the negative, and often times damaging effects our thoughts can have on us, which can cause us to feel out of control in our life, and also experience unsettling emotions like anxiety, or even depression.  
If you feel that you want to feel more control over your mind, and not be at the effect of your negative, fear-based, or limited thinking, a Thought Coach can be a very helpful professional to work with. By working with a Thought Coach, you can learn very effective and powerful thinking tools to have more control over your mind and thoughts, and begin to develop healthy thinking habits that can have a significant effect on your health; both mentally and physically. A thought coach is someone who can help guide you in how to continue on the correct positive thinking path so that you can manifest the life you want and deserve.


What you will experience going through this Thought Coach Certification Training Program is getting to know your mind better than you have ever known it before. You will come to know the thoughts that occupy your mind on a daily basis; so much so, that you will be able to discern between thoughts that are positive, healthy, productive, constructive, and life-affirming, and thoughts that are not.  This program is designed to help you reach your goals, and manifest the life you want by mastering your mind, and cultivating thoughts that can help you move your life forward in the best way possible. This course will teach you life changing tools, techniques, methods and skill-sets that will become second nature for you to keep your mind functioning as healthy and productively as it possibly can. It is intended for you to become the creator and master of your internal dialogue, which creates your reality.

By completing this program, not only will you experience a whole new relationship to the power and ongoing potential of your mind, but you will see the positive changes happening in all of the areas of your life because you are approaching people and situations with a much more positive, healthy mind-set.  You will no longer be at the effect of negative or fear-based thoughts, nor struggle, or suffer due to thoughts that are critical, demeaning, sabotaging, or even abusive because you will know how to change and transform them. You will know with certainty that you are in control of your mind, and no longer believe that it controls you, which it does not. You will feel confident that you can live your life aligned with positive, healthy, wholesome thoughts that can guide you daily on your life path, and by living your life this way with consistency, and seeing the positive results you will experience, you will feel assured that you can help others if they were to seek your advice, counsel, or coaching, and teach them how to pick and choose their thoughts carefully and selectively, as you have learned to do, and manifest the life they want, just as you are manifesting yours.

This course will teach you, not only how to become a Thought Coach, but also a Thought Leader. You will live your life in a way that others can learn from because you approach your life as someone who values their thinking mind tremendously, and knows the power that it can have in all areas of your life by the decisions that you make, as a result of the thoughts you think. People will see the mastery you have in the areas of relationships; be it personal or professional, career, health, and  finances.  Everything that you do will be changed significantly by how you've changed your thoughts.


There are 4 modules in the course each containing 5 lessons. We recommend setting aside 60-90 minutes for each lesson, during a time and in a place when you will not be disturbed.
The more prepared you are to do the reading, assignments, and listen to the audio content, the easier it will be to stick to the program. It will also help you integrate the material more deeply.

About Ora Nadrich

Ora is founder and president of The Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity, named in the 100 Best Mindfulness Books of All Time by BookAuthority. She is a certified life coach and Mindfulness teacher, specializing in transformational thinking, self-discovery and mentoring new coaches as they develop their careers.

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