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Often people ask, “Why a thought coach and not a life coach.” I have been a student of the Twelve Step fellowships for thirty-four years, a student of A Course in Miracles for thirty years and linking them together has been incredibly valuable to my personal recovery.

The question then becomes, “How do these two philosophies link together?” When an addict or alcoholic first begins their recovery one of the most common statements they hear in the meetings is, “Think the drink through.” Thus, begins thought transformation. A Course in Miracles states early in the text book. “This is a course in mind training.” And a little later it follows that thought up with, “You are much too tolerant of mind wandering and are passively condoning your mind’s mis-creations.

Ora Nadrich, without studying the Twelve Steps or A Course in Miracles has tied the two philosophies together and came up with a step by step method that expedites the healing process beautifully. A Course in Miracles speaks of the purpose of a teacher of God being either to collapse time or to save time. It makes this point in multiple times in a variety of ways. Therefore, the purpose of a thought coach is to help one live a peaceful life as quickly as we can.

You Will Get Certified in:

  • The Says Who? Method™ for Identifying the Origin of, and Determining the Type of Thoughts

  • The "Release & Replace" Technique for Letting Go of Negative Fear-Based Thoughts, and Replacing them with Supportive, Life-Affirming Thoughts

  • The Thought Alignment System for Activating New Behaviors & Affirming Positive Thoughts


  • The Meaning of Presence
  • Establishing True Thought Awareness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Daily Discipline for Mental Wellness
  • Ethics for Thought Coaches
  • Zoom Session with Johnnie Calloway


  • Identifying the Different Kinds of Thoughts
  • How Our Thoughts Influence Our Lives
  • Transforming Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts
  • Automatic Thoughts
  • Tools for the Thought Coach
  • Zoom Session with Johnnie Calloway

Learn The Revolutionary Says Who? Method™

Thought management is not a one and done type thing. Managing our thoughts only truly benefits us if it becomes a way of life.

What I bring to the table for you as your thought coach; thirty plus years of practicing the spiritual principals of both the Twelve Steps and A Course in Miracles, Thought Coach certification by the Institute For Transformation Thinking, (IFTT) and sixty years of life experience.


  • Owning Your Thoughts
  • Thoughts vs. Feelings
  • Guided Meditation Scripts
  • Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion & Love
  • The Keys to Transformation
  • Zoom Session with Johhnie Calloway

Module Four: The Thought Alignment System™

  • Putting Healthy Thoughts Into Action
  • Coaching Session Outlines
  • Effective Affirmations to Support New Habits
  • Building New Neural Pathways
  • Becoming a Thought Coach
  • Zoom Session with Johnnie Calloway


Client Tools Included

+ Client Coaching Worksheets
+ Coaching Session Outlines
+ Guided Meditation Scripts
+ Client Intake Forms
+ Client Agreement Templates

Thought Coaching - The Coaching of the Future

A Thought Coach is someone who can be extremely helpful to others during this time, and also teach people how to change their negative thinking habits so that once the Coronavirus Pandemic is over, transformational thinking will become the “new normal.”

I hope you join me on this transformational journey, and be part of this important movement that subscribes to the affirmation that we are “changing our lives and the world one thought at a time.”

Live Sessions Schedule

Introduction +
Module 1: Zoom Call with Johnnie
Module 2: Zoom Call with Johnnie
Module 3: Zoom Call with Johnnie
Module 4: Zoom Call with Johnnie.


I always think of the Thought Alignment System as the walls that are built around a beautiful house to keep it safe. The beautiful home would be the wonderful, positive, and affirmative thoughts that we replaced our negative thoughts with. And the walls are made of positive actions and affirmations that are in alignment with those positive thoughts we want to reinforce to keep this "home" safe.
- YASMEEN / Sherman Oaks, CA
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2000, I consider the Thought Coach Certification from the IFTT to be the best tool I have gained to teach my clients how to re-conceptualize negative thought patterns and belief systems. This system empowers people to transform their lives specifically, consistently, and with ease.
LISA TAHIR, LCSW / California and Louisiana
The course is beautiful, with each week building on skills and knowledge from the following week. I loved every aspect, and particularly valued the forward thinking alignment system with great worksheets. I am adding all of this mental clean up, monitoring and replacing thoughts, goals, affirmations and forwarding thinking to my daily spiritual practice. It feels like the only way to live. I was able to replace stuck thoughts, automatic thoughts, and even subconscious thoughts during the course. I am very grateful for your guidance and love. I got all my questions answered and learned so much. This mental clean up practice, along with valuing and putting oneself first is a powerful combination, and establishes a health mental boundary that is required for self love and self care to thrive!
- KAT / San Clemente, CA

About Johnnie Calloway

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Johnnie Calloway, has written three books, Dragons to Butterflies, The Bridge and Taming the Dragon. Johnnie hosts the podcast Morph Into A New You, where he focuses on the power of and the importance of thought management. Johnnie is a Certified Thought Coach and Thought Coach trainer.
He has over thirty years of Twelve Step Recovery and over thirty years of A Course in Miracles training. Using the spiritual principals of these two powerful pathways he has learned to navigate through his adversities; living with substance abuse disorder, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Clinical Depression and being an abused child, to living with a reasonable peace of mind. Johnnie has now devoted his life to helping others navigate the turbulent waters of mental health and find their own peace of mind by teaching them to manage their own thoughts.

Learn more about Johnnie: www.johnniecalloway.com