A Transformational Thinker looks at life with a heightened sense of awareness and acceptance.

They are not quick to form judgments, or have expectations that others be just like them. Instead they know that we are evolving, as is the universe, and that means that change is inevitable.

Throughout Module One, our focus was on the Mindful Awareness of our thoughts in the areas of The Four Pillars of Modern Life: Health, Relationships, Career, and Finances.

For Module Two, we are applying The Says Who? Method in the areas of The Four Pillars.  Don't rush through these worksheets and exercises! Take your time with them. Allow them to really sink in. This is how new neural pathways are developed, which is how new habits are introduced to the mind.

Module Two Daily Exercise

Work The Says Who? Method Daily:

+ Stand In Attention To The Thoughts You Are Having
+ Identify Your Negative Thoughts Immediately.
+ Expect Them To Come Up - Be 100% Ready For Them!
+ Be Diligent, Available And Committed - Do Not Let Anything Slip Through The Cracks.

Thought Coach Certification Training Program For Overcoming Insecurity, Doubt, & Fear in the Workplace

Facilitated by: Monica Binger
Certified by: Ora Nadrich / President of The IFTT


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