There is so much love, light, and beauty around us, just waiting for us to see it, receive it, and accept it. Gently open yourself like a lotus flower, so that you may receive the gifts and abundance that is there for you. When we resist opening ourselves up for the good that awaits us, we miss out on so much of what we desire. The answer is within you. Open, receive, accept.

Welcome to Module Three: The Release & Replace Technique!

We became aware of our thoughts in Module One: Mindfulness, we recognized the origin and nature of our thoughts with Module Two: The Says Who? Method, and now we will begin to replace our negative and fear-based thoughts with positive, life-affirming thoughts here in Module Three: The Release & Replace Technique.

This module should be a fun, light, and creative week of exploring different ways to experience The Release & Replace Technique, as well as all of the many positive thoughts you can now begin to create for yourself.

Stick to the Transformational Thinking Process! This is the science of transformation.

Module Three Daily Exercise

Apply The Release & Replace Technique Daily:

+ Get Creative With It - Explore Different Ways of Releasing & Replacing
+ Post Your New Replaced Thoughts Somewhere Visible
+ Have Fun With It!

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