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You will now receive your first Guided Meditation Script. This is the Thought Retrieval Meditation for Identifying Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts.

To effectively use the Transformational Thinking Process, you must first identify the most relevant negative or fear-based thoughts that are preventing you from achieving success or experiencing evolution. In Modules 2-4, we will take you through steps 2-4 of the Transformational Thinking Process. We are focusing on becoming mindfully aware of the different kinds of thoughts occurring in our minds.

You will use this script as a guideline for your own meditation, as well as in your Thought Coaching Sessions. Your may choose to lead your client in the Thought Retrieval Meditation to help them identify which thoughts should be prioritized and taken through the Transformational Thinking Process.

Print, read, and meditate. Store this file in your Coaching Folder, you will want to keep it handy for future coaching sessions.

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