Lesson 1: Transforming Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts

What type of thoughts do you want to hold in your mind today? You know you have a choice, right? You can decide exactly which thoughts you want to keep in your mind, or let go of. Are they pleasing to you? Do they make you feel good?

Are your thoughts supportive of you? Do they work favorably for you? Do they inspire you? Do they tell you that you can manifest whatever you want? If they do, they are Transformational Thoughts - the thoughts worth having, and keeping

Welcome to Module Two of the Thought Coach Certification Training Program! In this module, we will learn The Says Who? Method For Transforming Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts.

We will be learning the following lessons:
  1. Transforming Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts
  2. How Our Thoughts Influence Our Lives
  3. Automatic Thoughts
  4. Tools For The Thought Coach
  5. Identifying The Different Kinds Of Thoughts

As a Thought Coach, you will be helping your clients identify the kinds of thoughts they have that may be holding them back or sabotaging their goals.

You will practice Mindful Communication with them and become very attentive to the kinds of things they are saying about themselves, their circumstances, their goals, and so forth. Once you spot a negative or fear-based thought that could be sabotaging their success, in any of the areas of The Four Pillars of Modern Life, you will then walk them through the process of The Says Who? Method.

In your reading, you have already been introduced to The Says Who? Method, where it came from, and its process.

In today's Workshop Video, we will explore it a little bit more deeply. The Module Two: Training Manual included below, you will also receive a Says Who? Method Reference Guide, as well as today's Worksheets, in which you will apply The Says Who? Method™ to the pillar of Health.

Module Two Daily Exercise

Work The Says Who? Method Daily:

+ Stand In Attention To The Thoughts You Are Having
+ Identify Your Negative Thoughts Immediately.
+ Expect Them To Come Up - Be 100% Ready For Them!
+ Be Diligent, Available And Committed - Do Not Let Anything Slip Through The Cracks.

Thought Coach Certification Program with Ora Nadrich

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