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This course will help identify thoughts & energies that no longer support you in your daily life.
Together we will learn the techniques of the Says Who? Method™ and become aware of the connection between our thoughts and our energy body. We will reflect on this awareness, as we learn to recognize how the energy body not only affects our inward thoughts , but our projected thoughts as well. One of the objectives would be to re-align the mind & body creating a quiet space within our heart center. From this space we will find support and affirmation as we continue to transform our thinking. Each of us has the ability to start living a life that is balanced and true.

Facilitated by:
Thought Coach Graduate Nancy Mintzer
Certified by:
Ora Nadrich, Founder & President of the Institute For Transformational Thinking (IFTT)

One-on-One Sessions

Each week you will have a 60-min One-on-One Zoom Session with Nancy Mintzer.  She will guide you through each Module and answer questions you may have.

You Will Get Certified in:

  • The Says Who? Method™ for Identifying the Origin of, and Determining the Type of Thoughts

  • The "Release & Replace" Technique for Letting Go of Negative Fear-Based Thoughts, and Replacing them with Supportive, Life-Affirming Thoughts

  • The Thought Alignment System for Activating New Behaviors & Affirming Positive Thoughts


  • The Meaning of Presence
  • Establishing True Thought Awareness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Daily Discipline for Mental Wellness
  • Ethics for Thought Coaches
  • Zoom Session with Nancy Mintzer


  • Identifying the Different Kinds of Thoughts
  • How Our Thoughts Influence Our Lives
  • Transforming Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts
  • Automatic Thoughts
  • Tools for the Thought Coach
  • Zoom Session with Nancy Mintzer


  • Owning Your Thoughts
  • Thoughts vs. Feelings
  • Guided Meditation Scripts
  • Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion & Love
  • The Keys to Transformation
  • Zoom Session with Nancy Mintzer

Module Four: The Thought Alignment System™

  • Putting Healthy Thoughts Into Action
  • Coaching Session Outlines
  • Effective Affirmations to Support New Habits
  • Building New Neural Pathways
  • Becoming a Thought Coach
  • Zoom Session with Nancy Mintzer

Client Tools Included!

+ Client Coaching Worksheets
+ Coaching Session Outlines
+ Guided Meditation Scripts
+ Client Intake Forms
+ Client Agreement Templates


I always think of the Thought Alignment System as the walls that are built around a beautiful house to keep it safe. The beautiful home would be the wonderful, positive, and affirmative thoughts that we replaced our negative thoughts with. And the walls are made of positive actions and affirmations that are in alignment with those positive thoughts we want to reinforce to keep this "home" safe.
- YASMEEN / Sherman Oaks, CA
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2000, I consider the Thought Coach Certification from the IFTT to be the best tool I have gained to teach my clients how to re-conceptualize negative thought patterns and belief systems. This system empowers people to transform their lives specifically, consistently, and with ease.
LISA TAHIR, LCSW / California and Louisiana
The course is beautiful, with each week building on skills and knowledge from the following week. I loved every aspect, and particularly valued the forward thinking alignment system with great worksheets. I am adding all of this mental clean up, monitoring and replacing thoughts, goals, affirmations and forwarding thinking to my daily spiritual practice. It feels like the only way to live. I was able to replace stuck thoughts, automatic thoughts, and even subconscious thoughts during the course. I am very grateful for your guidance and love. I got all my questions answered and learned so much. This mental clean up practice, along with valuing and putting oneself first is a powerful combination, and establishes a health mental boundary that is required for self love and self care to thrive!
- KAT / San Clemente, CA

About Nancy Mintzer

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IFTT Facilitator / Certified Reiki Master

When I was first introduced to Reiki, I felt like I had found a part of me that was missing. It continues to surprise me everyday. Being a Reiki Practitioner has become a way of life for me. It is a discipline that encourages me to pause before reacting, to trust my inner voice, and to know that I am worthy.
Reiki is first and foremost a deep relaxation technique, allowing mind, body and soul to rest as one. Once a client chooses to take the time to find this inner space of quiet, stress and anxiety begin to release. Each session brings a greater awareness of who we are. This awareness can help create a positive environment in which to live peacefully.

When I became a Thought Coach, it occurred to me what a powerful combination it is to merge this awareness and deep relaxation with transforming our thoughts. When we allow the mind, body and soul to rest as one, we have a much more clear understanding of which of our thoughts are truly supporting our wellbeing, and which one’s are not. The Says Who? Method teaches us to be an observer, and not a reactor, which is congruent with the Reiki discipline to pause before reacting.