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Reveal the leader within, be empowered, and love work again.
I will work with you to pinpoint, and identify the type of negative or counter-productive thoughts that get in the way of supporting your wellbeing and confidence in the workplace. Together, we will build your confidence by focusing on positive, constructive thoughts that increase your personal strengths, and replace doubt and fear with faith and belief in yourself so that you can realize your ultimate goals in the workplace. As a transformational thinker you will navigate conversations with coworkers and clients in a more powerful and effective way. Each week we will discover how to apply what you learned in the module to overcome insecurity, doubt, and fear in the workplace.

Facilitated by:
Thought Coach Graduate Monica Binger
Certified by:
Ora Nadrich, Founder & President of the Institute For Transformational Thinking (IFTT)

You Will Get Certified in:

  • The Says Who? Method™ for Identifying the Origin of, and Determining the Type of Thoughts

  • The "Release & Replace" Technique for Letting Go of Negative Fear-Based Thoughts, and Replacing them with Supportive, Life-Affirming Thoughts

  • The Thought Alignment System for Activating New Behaviors & Affirming Positive Thoughts

The Magic Of Coaching

Make simple yet powerful changes to gain clarity and momentum, and experience shifts in each area of life including health, relationships, work life, and finances. Step onto a path to success, and navigate changes and challenges in an effective way both now and in the future. Reduce stress, feel empowered, and discover an authentic, enjoyable life.

The magic of coaching is that it helps you interpret what your heart desires. It transforms the way you navigate conversations and life in general, reveals the bigger picture, and moves you forward in an empowering way. You have wisdom to work through any situation and amazing gifts to accomplish what you set out to do in life.


  • The Meaning of Presence
  • Establishing True Thought Awareness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Daily Discipline for Mental Wellness
  • Ethics for Thought Coaches
  • ZOOM Session with Monica


  • Identifying the Different Kinds of Thoughts
  • How Our Thoughts Influence Our Lives
  • Transforming Negative & Fear-Based Thoughts
  • Automatic Thoughts
  • Tools for the Thought Coach
  • ZOOM Session with Monica


  • Owning Your Thoughts
  • Thoughts vs. Feelings
  • Guided Meditation Scripts
  • Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion & Love
  • The Keys to Transformation
  • ZOOM Session with Monica

Module Four: The Thought Alignment System™

  • Putting Healthy Thoughts Into Action
  • Coaching Session Outlines
  • Effective Affirmations to Support New Habits
  • Building New Neural Pathways
  • Becoming a Thought Coach
  • ZOOM Session with Monica


Client Tools Included!

+ Client Coaching Worksheets
+ Coaching Session Outlines
+ Guided Meditation Scripts
+ Client Intake Forms
+ Client Agreement Templates

Benefits of Thought Coaching

You will help your Clients

  • Improve communication and connection to build stronger and more pleasant relationships
  • Have the courage to use their voice, make things happen, and place your mark on this world            
  • Clarify their values, become clear on your vision for the future, and create it 
  • Believe in themselves
  • Gain excitement for a new version of themselves, and transform your life

As well as

  • Cut through the mind clutter to reduce stress, gain clarity and focus, and feel empowered
  • ​Recognize their strengths, tap into their inner wisdom, and unlock their full potential.  
  • ​Live the life they’re meant to live instead of the one others think they should
  • ​Increase patience and find joy
  • ​Solve problems, and make decisions with ease
  • ​Investigate to find truth, and shed self-limiting beliefs


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I have been in therapy for years with a therapist I love and cherish. It’s an important part of my life and will continue to be. But what Monica offered me was an entirely different experience. I was paralyzed by a life decision. Monica gently and expertly took me through a series of questions that allowed me to dig down deeper and see where this decision fell in the greater pattern of my life. Her coaching was a deeply-moving, powerful experience. My next steps were crystal clear to me. She changed my life.
-Adriana, Chapel Hill, NC

Monica's powerful coaching is the gift to myself that I didn't know I needed. Her ability to actively listen and lovingly hold space for my own self-discovery has allowed me to create significant positive change in how I approach difficult situations.  Her way of really hearing what I am feeling and posing powerful questions to move me forward in a meaningful way (and in just a short period of time) is amazing. I'm so grateful to be coached by Monica and imagine she will always be a touch stone and guiding light along my journey.
-Grace, Durham, NC

Monica is authentic and kind in her coaching style. Our focus has been on stress reduction throughout our meetings. The deep level in which Monica listens is heartfelt; where she creates a safe space through intuitive questions to invoke a sense of what I really need. I can then contemplate and explore opportunities to make lifestyle changes in keeping stress at a manageable level. Her thinking is about you and on you; working with a wide range of modalities to help you determine what works best in a customized tailored fashion to meet your needs and goals. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Monica. This is exactly what I was looking for.
-Gwen, Youngstown, OH

About Monica Binger

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Facilitator, Authentic Leadership Coach, Certified Thought Coach

As a Facilitator, Monica Binger's mission is to be a catalyst for improved communication within organizations to create a unified whole where employees at all levels feel connected, confident, and secure. An area she is passionate about is teaching individuals to gain clarity, communicate clearly, and uncover the authentic leader within to become the powerhouse they were born to be. She is a Thought Coach Facilitator at the Institute For Transformational Thinking, and has a private coaching practice in Raleigh, NC. Her area of coaching expertise is to uncover and investigate hidden self-limiting beliefs, change thoughts, cultivate new thinking habits that support their goals, and learn a new way to navigate personal and work life.

Learn more about Monica: www.monicabinger.com
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